Rubs and Marinades

Rubs and Marinades


To be used as a rub or blended with vinegar and oil to craft a tasty marinade, all Herb Mixes are designed to create a specific item, be it a dressing, dip, spread, rub, marinade or other element.  They have no gluten, no preservatives and the rubs and marinades are all Salt-Free.  When stored away from heat and light that can keep up to 18 months or longer and still provide great herb flavor.

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Grilled Meat Rub - all herb blend made of

4 Spice Blend - our version of 5-spice made with 4 spiced and an herb this spicy blend is great on contains

Paprika Chicken Rub - sweet paprika, sage and blend perfectly to use as a marinade or rub on chicken breasts, legs or thighs for grilling or baking

N'Orleans Spirit - the perfect Jerk seasoning for rubbing on pork or lamb made with

Lemon-Sage Marinade - this combo of lemon peel and rubbed sage make a great seasoning for chicken or fish with a bit of oil and vinegar.

Curry Spice Dressing/Marinade - This slightly hot blend with our hand-made curry spice is great to dress greens and spinach, but also make an awesome spicy marinade for meats and poultry.

BBQ Spice Blend - formulated to craft a BBQ sauce from Ketchup it can also be used as a rib rub, vinegar marinade as several other uses.  Recipes are included for all versions. Contains: