Herb Tea (Tisanes)

Herb Tea (Tisanes)


All our teas are 100% caffeine free and made entirely with herbs, spices and dried fruits.  We grow the herbs without chemicals, and preservatives are never used.  We package them in a zip seal bag which holds 1/2 cup by volume and weights between 1 to 2 ounces depending on herbs used. You get 18 to 24 month shelf life with each blend and our seal of approval - money back if not satisfied.  There are 20 different blends of herb tea with even more herbs in black and green teas too (see separate listings!)

Tea Flavors-

Afternoon Lift  -- Uplifting blend with a gentle flowery taste from chamomile, coupled with the citrus flavor of lemon balm, lemon & orange peel & the spice of cinnamon. Crafted to soothe & rejuvenate an afternoon.

Calming Spirit -- Herb & spice combination with a soothing scent & mildly minty flavor. Will settle the stomach & quiet the nerves.  No one element flavors this mixture of rosemary, lavender, spearmint, chamomile & cloves.  Good iced or hot.

Cinnamon Spice  -- Pungent citrus and flower tea spiced with cinnamon and orange peel.  This is not overpowering, but rather sweet and tart.  Lemon herbs, chamomile and rosemary are the complimenting herbs.

Dreamtime -- A relaxing combination of with lavender & chamomile combining with other herbs to produce an aromatic and soothing mixture to help you sleep.

Elmhurst Garden Walk Tea — This tea was crafted for use at my booth at the Elmhurst Garden Walk and Faire. The blend contains lemon verbena, rose hips, lavender, chamomile, and calendula. It is best as a brewed iced tea, but you can make it as a sun tea. I enjoy it in the morning and on hot afternoons after gardening.

Headache Relief  -- More like green tea than most herbal blends, a musky combination of flowers and herbs for stress and cold-related headaches, made with lavender, thyme, and rosemary.

Headache Liberation — This combo of lavender,

Holy Basil Relaxing Tea — A special blend featuring Tulsi or Holy basil, combined with other relaxing herbs like lemon balm, lemon grass, hibiscus, rosehips, peppermint, orange peel.   It helps settle stress and boost immunity to keep you from being overwhelmed during the stressful times.

Lemon/Lavender Splash -- Special union of lemon balm and floral lavender creates a light colored tea.  The Mediterranean taste of the lavender comes through nicely.

Lemon Peppermint -- Lemon balm & peppermint combine to enhance each other while providing a good decongestant and sore throat treatment.

Nerve Soothing -- Flowery chamomile mixed with germ-killing sage, soothing thyme and relaxing rosemary make a distinctly flavorful, yet gentle herbal blend.  

Rest Easy -- Minty combination helps one relax and get restful sleep.  Best if taken before bedtime.  A relaxing blend of spearmint, chamomile, lemon grass, and other herbs to help one unwind after a busy day.  Good iced or hot.

Hibiscus Rose Blush -- High vitamin C blend of rose, sage and hibiscus with deep fragrance & wonderful red color.  Great hot or iced.

Shakespeare -- The herbs of The Winter's Tale.   Two mints (spearmint and peppermint) join with cooking herbs like savory and marjoram to create a tea that is superb after a filling meal.

Tangy Hibiscus (formerly Rosy Bite) — A combination of rosehips and hibiscus

Teatime -- An orangey tea flavored with chamomile, hibiscus, rose hips and cinnamon.  It is high in vitamin C and rich in color.  A good tea for those looking to move from caffeinated black teas without loosing the rich color and texture.

 Therapeutic -- Ginger lends its strong root flavor and curative properties while sage & thyme bring their germ killing strengths to this unique blend.   Good for those trying to avert the winter sniffles or bronchial congestion. Ginger's strong root flavor is a major component of this tea.

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